Marriage Halls & Marquees

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Note: The package below is based upon the WordPress platform and allied plugins

Marriage Halls and Marquees

(Promotional Price)

$ 2000 Once or 1/2*
  • *Partial payment option available

    Make full payment and avail 10% discount on the package value or pay half in advance and the balance would be invoiced to your registered email address before the final handover.

  • A complete website with an interactive booking system
  • Interactive booking system: customers can check and book all the available venues and menus corresponding to their relevant event and number of guests (with a proper display of rates, pictures, and offers)

    For any additional pages $50 would be charged per page.

  • Pages included: Landing page, Venues page, Menu page, Rates page, Gallery, Contact page with geolocation, News & Events pages, and About us page
  • Customers can view and book all the amenities (like Décor, Air Conditioning, DJ, etc.)
  • Décor variations selection option with displaying images items along with corresponding rates and auto price calculations
  • Auto price calculation corresponding to the number of guests selected venue, menu, and add-ons
  • Add-to-Cart system optional to get your customers to pay an advance or full amount for their booked items
  • Steps section for users to understand the booking process
  • Multilanguage options
  • Responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablets
  • Email notifications to customers and admin
  • Live WhatsApp chat system
  • 30 days delivery time

    It is an estimated time and shall reckon from the date when the payment is received and all the relevant contents are provided by the client.

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