Medical & Health Clinics

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Note: The packages below are based on the WordPress platform and allied plugins. 1st-time costs for the required paid plugins are on us.

Medical & Health Clinics

(Promotional Price)

$ 1100 Once or 1/2*
  • *Partial payment option available

    Make full payment and avail 10% discount on the package value or pay half in advance and the balance would be invoiced to your registered email address before the final handover.

  • An interactive private clinic's website, where a visitor can learn about the treatments and services offered and make an appointment.
  • Sufficient training is provided to effectively use the booking system.
  • Steps section for users to understand the booking process.
  • Professional and modern landing page.
  • Interactive search interface for bookings by clients with filter options for doctors, medical specialists, surgeons, and counselors, available appointment dates, and type of service.
  • Schedule recurring appointments.
  • Catalog page displaying interactive categories of services.
  • Events management system with booking functionality for individuals and groups.
  • Group appointment bookings system.
  • Events calendar displaying all upcoming and past events with dates, details, and subscription prices along with an on-spot booking system.
  • Insight dashboard and reporting.
  • Patient’s dashboard/panel with the login system to view their booking with partners or employees or bookings for events etc.
  • Doctors’ and employees’ interactive dashboard/panel with user roles and permissions along with a login system to view their scheduled activities and bookings with clients. Functionality is available to start any online Zoom or Google Meet meeting from the panel.
  • Create patients’ accounts from the backend.
  • Configure currency, time and date format, and number format settings appropriate for your country.
  • Configure global working hours, breaks, and days off for the firm.
  • Configure the minimum time required before booking and before cancelation.
  • Responsive design for desktop, mobile, and tablets
  • 30 days delivery time

    It is an estimated time and shall reckon from the date when the payment is received and all the relevant contents are provided by the client.

  • --------------------------------------------
  • Additional Optional Features:
  • --------------------------------------------
  • Automated SMS and email notifications (SMS functionality would cost based upon selected network, country, and plan), Buffer time before and after service, Custom services schedule, Deposit payment, Discount coupons for bookings, Google Calendar synchronization, Google Meet integration, Individual employee or service booking forms, Location support, Manage multiple employees, Packages of services, Special days configurations, Support for service extras, Support for Stripe and PayPal payment system, WhatsApp integration, Zoom integration
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